Where Student Can Learn Online For Mouse And Typing Test?

What is cps and their uses?

Do you suffering with low gaming skill? Or do you have less speed in computer typing? Or if you have low mouse click ability then you should need to know about cps. Cps is a click speed test short name. In this website multi features are given for those guys who want grip in their daily computer uses. So this is the website that you should keep bookmark in your computer browser.  Cps is famous for kohi click CPS test, jitter click test, typing speed test, and mouse scroll test. Means if you have any one of requirement then keep use of this site on daily basis is good for you. 

What are the merits of using cps test site?

There are numerous merits of surfing cps portal. Like grow your knowledge regarding computer basic operations. And daily basis use of it will boost too much compute skill. Including typing speed, mouse rolling speed, clicking ability etc.


Cps is one of the most famous computer educational learning resource. That every computer students needs to surf everyday. There is no alternative webs or apps of it. So only surf official web for enhance your skill of computer.