Lenovo Y700 Review | Best Gaming Laptop 2020

There are best gaming laptops that are rear to find with different screen sizes where the Lenovo Y700 isn’t like those laptops. It comes with a 14inch, 15inch, and 17inch displays while both the 14 and 15 inches are powered with gtx 960m which makes them more powerful. The processor on the Lenovo Y700 is sky lake core i7 which is great.

Lenovo Y700 Design

I am pretty impressed with the design as it’s extremely thin than many other best gaming laptops out there in the market. The overall design is the same as the Y50 which was introduced by Lenovo a year ago this beast came into existence. The lid is still built from black aluminum with some a little design added to it to make it look appealing to the audience. You can easily play mini militia mod apk on your Lenovo gaming pc.

The black finish on the keyboard deck is built from a soft material that makes it easy to type or play games without getting you bore. Wright only 5.7 pounds which is extremely light than other gaming laptops. The dimensions on the Lenovo Y700 are 15.1 x 10.4 x 1 which is good. In short, Lenovo worked a lot on the design. You can download free pc games from kbpcgames blog.

Lenovo Y700 Gaming Laptop Display

Lenovo always step up their game by adding some new fancy stuff to their technology but this time they came up with a brighter screen display that delivers resolutions of 1920 x 1080 pixels with 263 nits that beats the 244 nits, an amazing update done by the Lenovo.

But it could beat the Alienware 15 which has the 311 nits. The brightness definitely helps in watching movies and tv shows in 1080p. Yesterday I was watching a passenger movie at 1080p and because of brightness, I was able to see everything clearly with this beasty screen. We’re not done yet, the y700 also offers the color gamut which it delivers at 68.8 percent.

The display on the Y700 is a touchscreen which was quite responsive during the test. I tried touching every corner and the response was perfect. But according to my views, you should disable the touch option as it might be irritation in the future. The sensitivity is perfect and you might delete something or touch anything important accidentally. That’s why the to disable option is recommended.

The Lenovo Y700 is the best laptop that comes with a built-in pair of JBL speakers and a subwoofer that is located at the bottom of the laptop. Moreover, there are different audio options like sound, gaming, movies and music that you can enable according to your needs. I must say the audio option is a good feature that is added to a laptop by Lenovo and can’t be found on many laptops out there in the market.

Final Verdict

The Lenovo y700 is a beast that can give an awesome gaming experience to the gaming enthusiast. The display, specs, features, and audio are on another level with a GPU inside for loading frames even more efficiently. If you are looking for a gaming laptop that offers lag-free performance and powerful enough to run heavy games, Lenovo y700 is the best option.