How online Examination will improve exam performance

There are many types of improving your online examination system like Web Based Online Exam Software, Web Based Online Exam Software, Mobile/Tablet Application, etc. Conduct exam is a powerful software in the market to give immediate results to give your exam and your score. The best part of the online exam is that the examiner can start the test using a mobile/Tablet from anywhere and anytime.


Online Examinations are becoming increasingly popular and necessary. Many universities and colleges have used the traditional method to exam the duration of pen and paper and have adopted the modern methods of online examinations. Online exam software is useful for the education system.

Improve your online exam performance:

For security purposes, this online examination system monitors the students during the exam through secure browser technology, a remote proctoring method with images capturing and video streaming. The students are not allowed to open any other window apart from the exam window. If the student tries to open any other window, he/she will get a warning message and after 3 such warnings, the exam will be suspended. The software enables the capturing of CCTV recording continuously for the whole exam center area.

1. Increasing your plan
Make an Online exam software is very to easy to use for the student. The online examination software is not only used for conducting exams but also for student login, registration, paper management, and assessment, paper solution.

2. Use stopwatch
During this exam, a student is easy to stop your exam time before the exam time duration.

3. Conduct  Web-based online  exam software
Conduct the exam is one of the best parts is web-based online exam software.

4. self-testing
This is the best effective strategies for improving test performance is to test yourself to the old test. A most important of self-testing is to take your online test software under real test-like conditions.

5. Manage Your Time
You can add exam duration time in this software to very easy to recognition exam time.

Online exam software to add different types of questions from word and excel formats and different types of languages like English, Hindi, Gujarati, etc.